Digital Customer Experience Management Summit 2018

The Maldives premier meeting place for the Customer Experience Management Community

For 150 business leaders, this conference will focus on 5 key areas of CX and how advanced Customer Experience strategies impacts “Business as Usual” and why it has a vital role in strategy. With expert speakers, and contributions from some of the world’s leading authorities, this will take delegates on a single journey across the important subjects towards practical take-aways.


1. Digital Transformation

  • How to use your organisation’
  • culture as a powerful tool for business transformation.

2. Customer Journey Mapping

  • Do you map out your customer journeys? Discover how to optimize the customer journey through our advanced customer journey mapping philosophy!

3. Employee Engagement

  • Learn how to empower your people to deliver a personal experience

4. New CX Technology

  • Hear about the latest CX tools and how they have been used to optimise the Customer journey

5. Use of Customer Insights

  • Learn how to create deeper customer loyalty by using customer data more effectively